Port Sunlight & The Lady Lever Gallery Visit

This was an excellent day out from all aspects, travel arrangements, weather, Port Sunlight the Gallery and being led by the expert on the area, Michael Shippobottom.

The developement of the new works for Sunlight Soap stated in 1888,   a new factory was needed to increase production of the soap from 20 tons to over 400 tons a week. From the onset of the developement, William Hesketh Lever was determined that the new factory would be accompanied by model housing for his employees.

Even though many architects were employed in the developement of the area between 1890 and 1920s there is a co-hesion within the building plots and the Arts and Crafts housing. A visit is highly recommended.

To find out more read, ‘A Guide to Port Sunlight Village’, co-authors Edward Hubbard and Michael Shippobottom.

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