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Arts & Crafts Church and Edgar Wood Rooms Tour

Take a fascinating tour of Long Street Methodist Church and School led by one of the Edgar Wood Society experts. See the Art Nouveau fittings and big open roofs of England’s finest Methodist church and visit some of Edgar Wood’s  nearby Arts & Crafts houses in Middleton. Click here for more information. 


The Buildings of Edgar Wood in Middleton Town Centre

This guidebook follows Edgar Wood’s architectural and stylistic journey by dividing his work into four phases:

  • The Young Adventurer 1884-1893
  • Arts & Crafts Romantic 1893-1899
  • Art Nouveau Expressionist 1899-1905
  • Pioneer Modernist 1905-1914

Middleton, uniquely, has examples from each phase. So, this guide can show how Victorian domestic design evolved into the Twentieth Century Modern Movement – all through the works of Edgar Wood in Middleton town centre.

The guide comes with membership of the Edgar Wood Society or can be purchased from the Arts & Crafts Church.

Edgar Wood In Huddersfield Guide

This is a guidebook covers Edgar Wood’s buildings in Huddersfield. It is produced by The Edgar Wood Heritage Group (Yorkshire) and includes:

  • Old Clergy House (1898)
  • Rose Hill (1909)
  • Birkby Lodge (1900)
  • Banney Royd (1902)
  • Azo House/Crendon (formerly Kynance) (1903)
  • Briarcourt (1894-5)
  • Lindley Clock Tower (1902)
  • Norman Terrace (1898)
  • Wesleyan Methodist Church extension (1895)
  • Gatehouse, Low Hills Lane (1900)
  • Unitarian Chapel School (1910-11)
  • Parsonage House (1906)
  • Lindley: Ridgemount, Talbot Avenue

Download the guide here