Community Culture Co-op, Drop in Sessions at The Edgar Wood Rooms

Community Culture Co-op held a drop in sessions including: A Family Art Workshop, live opera and a Land Artist, Friday 23 Feb. On Saturday 24th in addition to the Art Workshop, the Skylight Circus Activities were showing and teaching children (and some adults) circus skills. If this wasn’t enough, there was Indian Music with Sitar and Tabla Musicians.

Skylight Circus with Mono-cycle, diabolo, plate spinning and other activities
Indian music with Sitar and Tabla

This was a taster event leading to more in the next few months covering a host of artistic skills, with the aim of bringing the community together. The art work shown is by Land Artist Winston Plowers, who created it from laurel leaves.

Arches –Winston’s comments on his work.

Edgar Wood Church, Middleton, Manchester

Laurel & Paving. 23rd February 2024

I made this piece at the striking Long Street Methodists Church in Middleton, Manchester designed by Edgar Wood. I liked the clear windows with their sandstone Art Nouveau tracery. This reminded me of the repeated shape of a simple leaf which I alternately inverted to echo another of Wood’s themes of contrasting dark and light chevrons. Whilst wind and rain were light on the day the leaves trembled and quivered throughout and the design became disrupted within minutes of it being resolved.

Winston Plowes


Art sessions enjoyed by children and parents
David Cane, singer with Tim as accompanist from Flat Pack Music.
Inspiration for the leaf design

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