A Visit to the Edgar Wood Acadamy

We first met Marcin Kojder (Head teacher) in February 2022 at the Edgar Rooms to introduce ourselves, talk about the Society and future links with the new acadamy. At that time the school was accommodated in temporary classrooms with a one year intake of year seven pupils.

Having now had several months to settle in to their new building,  with a further second year  intake, members of the committee were keen to accept an invitation to look round the school and further our links with the acadamy.

Facilities were impressive, there was a quiet learning atmosphere and all classroom doors were open, while teaching was in progress, a policy that we had not come across before.

Thank you to Marcin for hosting us this afternoon, at a busy time in his schedule. The enthusiasm for his role and for the care and development of the pupils was apparent. We look forward to future links with the school to benefit both parties.

Head Teacher, Marcin Kojder (far left)

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