Heathfield, Burnley aka The Castle

A little known Edgar Wood house lies on Manchester Road in Burnley. It is set back from the road in a walled garden so is not immediately visible.

Heathfield is a very beautiful flat-roofed Arts & Crafts house. It was built of local rubblestone which had long been abandoned when the house was constructed in 1908.

Today, the textured walls are covered in Virginia Creeper while mature lime trees characterise the garden. Edgar Wood surely would have approved of how the house has matured.

Here is a Middleton Guardian newspaper article about the house as it was in 1978.

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    • Hi Lisa,
      Many thanks for confirming this. I too have someone named Slater so I think you are right but I don’t know much more. Do you know if Benjamin Slater was related to George Slater who built Slater Terrace and the old Clock Tower Mill (burnt down) in Burnley’s Weavers Triangle? Perhaps his son or grandson?

      I also wonder how Benjamin came into contact with Edgar Wood. Perhaps, Edgar Wood’s father, who owned a cotton spinning mill in Middleton supplied Benjamin Slater with cotton thread. That’s only a guess though.

      Any thoughts?

      Kind regards,


  1. George Slater may be Benjamin Slater’s brother’s son perhaps. As I believe Benjamin and his brother shared a mill. Benjamin’s son (my grandfather) did not go into the cotton business. As I understand it, Benjamin did not enjoy being the boss of a mill. But perhaps his brother and family continued on in the business. I will see if I can get some more information for you from family members.

  2. I have asked a family member & unfortunately I don’t have much more information than already given. Benjamin was apparently very interested in design. I believe my Grandfather (Phillip Slater) was a member of the Farmer’s Club. My Grandfather & Great Grandfather seemed very close and I would not be surprised if Benjamin met Edgar Wood through some sort of society or club.

    • Dear Lisa, I have found an old Middleton Guardian newspaper article dated 1978 which confirms that it was built for Benjamin Slater. It also says there was a Lancashire Life article on the building in May 1978. Perhaps Burnley Library Local Studies will have a copy. I will upload the newspaper report to the post. I think there is more to find out about this. Thanks again, David

      • The George Slater I referred to is another one. He built Clock Tower Mill in 1840. If I remember my old research correctly, Slaters Mill, as it was then called, closed after the Cotton Famine of the 1860s and then after a while became Watts’ Mill until it burnt down in the 1980s. Perhaps this George Slater was Benjamin’s grandfather or grand uncle?

        Here is a photo of the mill before it burnt down.

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