Walking trip to Hale Cheshire 28th March

Edgar Wood designed many houses in Hale Cheshire over several years. His first was Halecroft dated 1890 and his last, Royd House dated 1914-16, he built for himself. In addition, we will also visit the parish church of St. Peter (1890-92) which contains glass by George Wragg who was a fellow member of the Northern Art Workers Guild. The properties are all quite close to one another, so our walking tour will be about a mile in length. We will start at the railway station at 10am and the tour will end at 12 noon or soon after. Although this trip is primarily for Edgar Wood Society members, friends are welcome to join us.  £5 donation for this event.

Hale Croft 1890

Nb. This event was cancelled due to Covid-19

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